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It has been two decades since the Maddening, long years spent picking through the bones of civilization. Now my gaze turns to the east, for it is with the rising sun that the clockwork fates have set their final pawns into motion, and it is they that shall give this fourth age of Cyteria a name.

From the Chronicles of Cyteria, records of Pelagios, learned scholar of the Thrashid, scribed in the Year of Silent Willows.

Welcome, traveller, to the shining west, land of untold wealth and opportunity, the frontier of civilized Nerath. It is your humble author’s hope that within these pages you will find expert knowledge of the many delights to be found in these provinces, as well as sufficient warning of the hazards of travel in the frontier. May Pelor’s radiance light your way!—Simosen Petronus

Simosen’s exuberance for his own book belies his claim to humility and the text was fraught with inaccuracies even prior to the Maddening. I have taken the liberty of redacting his greatest errors, and providing clarification and updates where possible, but I make no claims to the veracity of his wilder accounts. –- Marius

Selected excerpts from Simosen Petronus’ Guide to the Western Provinces, with annotations by Marius, learned scholar of the Thrashid.

Home Page

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