Rejoice, for the Nerathi people are supreme! Despite the distance to the imperial seat, the culture and people of the empire dominate the western provinces, and any member of the imperial court would be perfectly at ease in any of the great cities of the west. Several lesser races in the area benefit from our advanced civilization, tribes of elves and dwarves trade for our fine goods, and nomadic dragonmen eight lengths tall wander the wastes beyond our western border. Regrettably the itinerant halfling scoundrels who plague our central provinces have also found these lands more than ample for their thievery and deceit.

While humans of Nerathi heritage remain the dominant race, they are far from their recent supremacy. Both they and the Nerathi tieflings have had to learn hard lessons in tolerance recently, particularly of the halflings who are one of the few groups fearless enough to still travel and trade freely. The author apparently has confused reports of the dragonborn and goliaths who shared the western wastes with the Essen’Tel, combining them to create his fantastically tall dragonmen. A number of these supposedly savage races, displaced by the events of the cataclysm, have settled areas once claimed by Nerath. In addition there has been a marked increase in the number of beings from other planes seen among civil society. I have recorded my thoughts on all of the common races, and several of the uncommon ones, and provide them as addendums to this work.

It is important to note that the Church of the One, and worship of Pelor, was officially universal in the Nerathi empire, and Simosen makes no mention of any other religious worship. Despite the events of the Maddening, faith in Pelor remains strong. However, many of the old gods returned, along with some new names and a number of new religions sprung up in worship of various factions within the pantheon. I have also provided some notes on these divinities, for those unfamiliar with them.

Selected excerpts from Simosen Petronus’ Guide to the Western Provinces, with annotations by Marius, learned scholar of the Thrashid.


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