Character Generation

For character generation I suggest that you bring a laptop, preferably preloaded with the Character Builder (Warning: Windows .Net software, macs may be able to run through a virtual version of windows if available. Note: Claims to be a demo version, that can be unlocked with a subscription to insider, as I still have an active subscription I should be able to unlock and update 4 more times barring technical difficulties, or them getting smart.) The major advantages are: it compiles all of the various options in one place, reducing the need to page through a dozen books, some of which I don’t have; it prunes the options automatically, meaning less flipping through things that can’t be used; it handles all of the non-options, saves you writing in things you can’t change, but also means you might overlook some of them.

Ability Scores

I’m offering my two usual options for ability score creation, the standard 4th edition point buy system (which the character builder can assist with) or a randomized system that offers (on average) slightly better scores at the cost of some control and some risk.


Initial character races are restricted to those listed on the Inhabitants page, denoted with a (pc) after their name. Many of these races are labeled as a culture under a primary race descriptor, and the primary race may have additional info to the cultural entry.


The only classes which are unavailable are the Artificer and Hybrid classes. The classes with the primal or psionic power sources tend to have more complex mechanics in comparison to some of the other (arcane, divine, martial) classes, which may increase the learning curve for players unfamiliar with the game.


To reduce both the information overload, and character creation times, we will start at first level. This is primarily to give those people who are unfamiliar, or out of practice, with the rule set, time to adapt, and I may decide to accelerate the rate of experience for the first few levels.

Character Backgrounds

I am currently working on a selection of character backgrounds which will offer an explanation, possibly in the form of a quest objective, for why you have taken passage with Telhesi traders from Port Mervia to Oringard, as well as some ‘minor’ mechanical or storyline bonuses. I have a few, but if you’ve got a good suggestion for your own, or somebody else’s, character I’d be happy to hear it. I’ll try to post the ones I have shortly.

Contacting Me

I’m happy to receive any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions. In order of effectiveness I can be contacted through MSN, e-mail (not the same as my msn), on my phone, and facebook.

Character Generation

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