Character Backgrounds

Thrashid Apprentice

You have studied under Scholar Meradia of Port Mervia, a member of the Thrashid order. She has taught you much about the history of Cyteria and its peoples and ways of unearthing more knowledge, but all apprenticeships must end and the aspirant scholar must undertake a journeyman’s tour. So you have set out for Oringard, bearing letters of introduction to Learend Scholar Marius who will guide you on your journey.

Why have you chosen to study with the Thrashid? Do you wish to see the Thrashid restored to their former glory, or are you more concerned with the pursuit of intangible things? An important requirement of the Scholar’s Journey, is to return at the end of it in possession of an important discovery, lost knowledge, ancient magics, hidden secrets, or unique research, do you know what you would like to show for your quest?

Bonus: History is a class skill; +2 bonus to History; As a daily utility power free action, can roll an Arcana check in place of any other knowledge skill

Character Suggestions: Cleric, Warlock, Wizard, Bard, Sorcerer, Monk, Psion, Runepriest, Swordmage

Trade Winds Purveyor

You are a favoured supplier of the Trade Winds Cartel, a position which offers significant benefits as long as you continue to provide them with goods. They also occasionally have leads on items that a buyer has expressed an interest in acquiring, or for their own use, and the purveyors are first to be offered such jobs. In fact, it is one such mission that has you bound for Oringard at the moment.

What have you done to get into the good graces of the cartel? Is this a purely freelance operation, or do you have more motives than simple coin for working with the merchants?

Bonus: Insight is a class skill; +2 bonus to Insight; +10% sale price on magical items to Trade Winds agents

Character Suggestions: Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Warlock, Wizard, Bard

Noble Scion

Prior to the Maddening, your family was part of the aristocracy, and have attempted to uphold your birthright despite the troubles. As such, you received a thorough education in the niceties of civilized society. Having recently come of age, you are travelling to Oringard, near which your family once had holdings, to see what else might be recovered.

Where in the nobility were your family, was that nobility Nerathi, or part of the fey courts, perhaps you’re a descendent of one of the noble houses of an empire that predates the Nerathi? What is your relationship with the rest of the family? Do you seek to restore your family, or perhaps just yourself, to power and re-establish the old estates, or are you more interested in picking up what you can carry?

Bonus: Diplomacy is a class skill; +2 bonus to Diplomacy; Start with a 1st level magic item

Character Suggestions: Human, Eladrin, Tiefling, Kalashtar, Fighter, Paladin, Warlord, Wizard, Swordmage

Ebon Tree Purifier

You are a member of an order dedicated to protecting the world from the taint of the Maddening, and it is your duty to seek that taint out where it festers, and expunge it from the world. This mission takes you far into tainted lands, and pits you against terrible foes, but your training has readied you for this, and you felt confident as you boarded the boat to Oringard, which sits on the borders of the taint known as the Scarlands.

Why did you join the Ebon Tree? Why have you chosen the particularly dangerous Scarlands as your personal objective?

Bonus: Dungeoneering is a class skill; +2 bonus to Dungeoneering; +1 bonus to saves vs. Daze, Stun and Dominate effects

Character Suggestions: Ranger, Avenger, Barbarian, Druid, Shaman, Warden, Seeker

Havenite Seeker

You are a follower of the Havenite religion, which seeks to rebuild and protect civilization following the Maddening, and are undertaking a pilgrimage to visit holy sites and perhaps improve the safety of travellers and traders along the way. You’re currently making your way to Oringard, with a large amount of correspondence for the local Crafters.

Why did you choose to join the Havenites? There are two major factions within the church, those who feel that it is most important to defend the existing towns, and those that wish to reclaim and rebuild the great cities of Nerath, which if either do you agree with?

Bonus: Religion is a class skill; +2 bonus to Religion; As an encounter utility power, expend a minor action to give yourself, and all allies within close burst 5, a +1 bonus to AC until the end of your next turn

Character Suggestions: Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Warlord, Avenger, Invoker, Runepriest

Knight Errant

You are a wandering defender of the weak, or perhaps you want to become legendary for the great villains and monsters that you will defeat. Either way you have taken up arms, and are currently on the trail of a group of goblinoid raiders known as the Bloody Hand, recently seen in the vicinity of Oringard.

Why have you adopted the lifestyle of a wandering warrior? Why have you chosen to hunt the Bloody Hand?

Bonus: Endurance is a class skill; +2 bonus to Endurance; Can fail 4 death saves before dying

Character Suggestions: Fighter, Ranger, Warlord, Warden, Ardent, Battlemind, Swordmage

On the Run

That last job made some people rather angry at you, particularly Hessil Vran who runs the underbelly of Port Mervia. You’d rather nobody collected the price he’s stuck on your head, so have decided to make yourself scarce for a while. Maybe he’ll forget about it in a couple months, or you’ll find some friends who can help solve the problem more definitively. Either way, there’s a cargo barge headed for Oringard that leaves within the hour, and that suits you fine.

What did you do to piss off Vran? Do you think you were set up? What do you intend to do about this problem?

Bonus: Streetwise is a class skill; +2 bonus to Streetwise; +1 bonus to saves vs. Slow, Immobilized and Restrained effects

Character Suggestions: Rogue, Warlock, Bard, Sorcerer, Assassin


You specialize in providing goods to people who appreciate your ability to make the authorities overlook your transactions. The odd gentleman who gave you this shipment insisted that it couldn’t be opened or inspected before delivery to Fron Evindier in Oringard. It’s an unusual box, but the promised pay is good enough that you’re not going to ask questions. Maybe it’s good enough that you should be.

What’s some of the stranger stuff you’ve moved? Why have you decided to work around the law? What do you intend to do with your pay?

Bonus: Bluff is a class skill; +2 bonus to Bluff; Once per day can reroll a Streetwise check

Character Suggestions: Ranger, Rogue, Bard

Character Backgrounds

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