Cyterian Chronicles

A breif recap

- Party was bound for Oringard from Port Mervia, having taken passage with Captain Fahlyassa a halfling river trader, up the Pernan when their boat was ambushed by bullywugs while passing through Darkwatch Mire.
- Though they fought the frog men off, their assailants made off with some of the captains trade goods, and the party were hired to pursue the retreating bandits, meeting to meet up again in Oringard.
- While raiding the bullywug encampment, encountered and were joined by Han Grumbar a Half-Orc smuggler.
- On the road to Oringard, encountered the remains of combat between another adventuring group, and a group of goblins, tracked the goblins back to a ruined keep and defeated the one known as Boontah, who seems to have had some connection to a far realm entity.
- In the basement of the ruined keep found the remains of a vault that once belonged to a cult of elemental fire, while much of it appeared untouched, something had been carefully removed by something that failed to disturb the accumulated dust.
- The road to Oringard was thick with goblin highwaymen, members of the Bloody Hand Mercenaries, from which Boontah defected, some quick interrogation lead to some interesting info on their operation, locally under the command of a lieutenant named Gerkoll. His base of operations is a tower to the north, some distance into the scarlands.
- In Oringard Han found that his contact had gone mysteriously missing, and further leads suggested that he might have a connection with the quarrymaster, Hodlum. Commander Grestol of Duke Dekan’s personal guard had his own concerns about the quarry, as production had stopped and an earlier group of investigators had gone missing. Xander’s somewhat drunken adviser, the sage Marius, was also of the opinion that this would be a good avenue of investigation, though that may have been largely to temporarily get rid of young Xander.
- At the quarry site, it was discovered that Hodlum had gone mad, an event seemingly related to the unearthing of an unexpected cavern. Questioning did cause a moment of lucidity, in which he said that Fron Evindier, Han’s missing contact, had found some dangerous info and gone underground with a “mutual friend”.
- Investigating the cavern revealed it to be an access point into a strange and constantly shifting space, some form of border to the far realms, infested with strange phantasmal creatures similar to some seen in Boontah’s keep.
- An odd little being calling itself “The Custodian” called this a “Temple out of Time” and suggested that he had encountered the party before, though they had no recollection of such an event. As it insisted on barring their way, the party was forced to destroy the creature, who was absorbed into the ground as he died.
- Further into what looked to be a large temple, they found a glowing crystalline statue, disturbingly similar to one that they had seized from Hodlum earlier, initially cautious in their approach, an unexpected stumble sent Xander stumbling towards the sculpture which lashed out with tendrils of multi-hued light. After a hard fought battle the statue was shattered in a blinding explosion, and only Han was able to clear his eyes quickly enough to see the light snaking past towards the entrance.
- On their way out of the cavern, by a path that had warped from the one they entered on, the party came across the mage Corith, sole surviving member of the earlier investigation, who accepted the offer of escort back to Oringard with some relief.
- Returning to the quarry camp, it was discovered that through unknown methods, Hodlum had been flayed to death in his tent. After a quick consultation it was decided to attempt to cover this event up, and the party smuggled the body out to Oringard.
- Back in Oringard, Han delivered the box to Evindier’s residence, as directed by the late Hodlum, and revealed some interesting info on what Evindier had been doing, apparently asking the wrong questions about the Bloody Hand can be risky. Thakakhad contracted with the local Trade Winds agent, Carlion Astonmar for the recovery of a silver raven statuette, possibly a figurine of wonderful power, believed to be located in a tower to the north, possibly the one claimed by Gerkol. Marius asked the party to accompany him to the Darkwatch Monastery, to return a book and introduce them to the Abbot.
- A small force of undead moving north into Darkwatch Mire during the night turned out to be harbingers of an army of corpses under the command of a cult of Orcus, who cornered the party in the monastery and laid siege.
- After a long and difficult fight, the undead managed to overwhelm the defenders, driving them back though a gate into the relative safety of the Shadowfell, where they were reinforced by Errella, a shader-kai knight in the service of the Raven Queen.
- Having had time to recover, they mounted a counter attack, and successfully reclaimed the monastery, though the cultists had ransacked the library and escaped overnight.

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